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Dining Room for a Family

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Location: McKinney, TX

Designer Credits: Dee Frazier

Project Overview:

Jason and Valerie wanted a their traditional dining room turned into a space where the family could create crafts, play board games, read, and listen to music; they wanted a space where they could spend quality time together.

As the dining space is connected to the living room, I wanted the spaces to feel separate yet cohesive. Since the main color of the walls in the living room was teal and the secondary colors were gray, coral, and green, I decided to keep the walls in this space gray while bringing in the color through accents. I knew the space need a piece to store board games, books and crafts, and ultimately selected a rustic bookcase that had storage with doors and opening shelving on the top half. This piece takes up the entire wall at the ending of the dining room and became the space’s showcase. Additionally, I added a small chest cabinet that has chalk board drawers to be used for the clients’ craft supplies. This cabinet allowed them to be able to write on the drawers as to the contents inside to help with organization.

To keep the room from feeling heavy, I selected an oval table in an off-white with four chairs, as the family of four were normally the only ones who used the table. The chairs were upholstered in a green fret pattern fabric. To keep from overlapping too many patterns, we kept the chairs with an interesting wood pattern on the backs. I kept the window treatments the same gray geometric pattern as the living room. I brought in vibrancy with the patterned area rug in deep teals, grays, ivory, and turquoise to play off nicely of the living room’s walls, creating a nice harmony between the two spaces. All the accessories on the bookcases included family pictures, books, and items made by the children. The most touchingly unique feature of this room is the artwork- painted by the clients’ two children!


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June 26, 2019