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Little Bit of Camping – Boys Room


Location: Dallas, TX
Designer Credits: Dee Frazier
Project Overview:

This client contacted us to help them with their boys’ bedrooms and game room area. The boys of 6 and 10 years old did not enjoy spending time upstairs in a space that is meant to be their own. They boys did not even want to sleep in their rooms. Our goal was to give the boys spaces that would reflect their individual personalities, but would also be able to grow with them as they get older. The 6 year old son loves outdoor activities such as fishing and camping. This boy wanted a fun space that was all his own. The parents wanted queen size beds for the boys to grown into so they did not have to be changed as they were older. While the parents wanted an uncluttered space, we also wanted to keep the rooms open as rough housing between brothers does occur.

For this space, I wanted something on the wall that would capture the eye the moment you walk in, something that you would make you say, “Wow!” We used a company to create an outdoor themed wallpaper mural that reflected his love for the outdoors with the mountains and a lake. We used a queen bed in a darker finish that gave the room a forest lodge feel. We used quilted bedding in oranges, greens and navy blue. We also used these colors on the walls in the rest of the room. For the wall across from the bed I used the accent green color and kept it bare to display artwork and fishing decor. This wall would also have a console with pull out wood totes to hold any of the boy’s books and personal items. To keep the room from becoming too cluttered, I did not use any other furniture in the room. We designed closets that had shelving and drawers to store and organize all of their clothes. We did add an end table and lamp by the bed for reading at night before they go to bed. A couple of poufs give them just a little bit of seating if needed.


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June 26, 2019