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Small Family Room – Condo

Location: Plano, TX
Designer Credits: Dee Frazier
Project Overview:

The family room is a long, narrow space that we wanted to keep open but still have plenty of seating for guests. Additionally, since the family room space included the foyer, I wanted to design the room in such a way that the foyer appeared as a separate space from the main living area. Most importantly, the space needed to include a recliner so at the end of the day after studying for her nursing degree, my client could sit back and enjoy her space.

My client wanted a more neutral color pallet of grays with an accent of deep indigo. We wanted to ensure that all the flooring and paint colors would be great for a rental space when she decides to move in the future. We selected high quality laminate floors in a gray tone finish and used a beautiful gray on the walls. Additionally, we added an accent of indigo in the upholstery and area rug. We added tables and a console built from reclaimed wood, giving the room a relaxed feel while keeping a sophisticated look to the room. To help keep the foyer and living room spaces separate, we utilized the sectional with a navy blue painted chest behind it. This not only allowed us to separate the spaces, but kept the room open and light. In the end, the client could not wait to spend her evenings in her new plush velvet recliner. The recliner we chose looked less like your traditional recliner, and more like an accent chair, while keeping with its standard functionality and at a size perfect for a smaller space.


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June 26, 2019