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Updated Traditional Living Room

Location: Frisco, TX
Designer Credits: Dee Frazier
Project Overview:

The client wanted a traditional living room without a television as she only watches television in her bedroom. Additionally, she wanted plenty of space for when guests visit.

For the living room, we selected a color pallet of blues and beiges. The walls are a soft beige with a touch of gray undertones and the trim-work is painted in a creamy white. The original use of this space was for a combination living and dining room, but as the client did not want a formal dining room, this space became a large living room. I selected a beautiful deep blue navy plush fabric for the two sofas and anchored the seating space using two accent chairs with a pattern fabric of blues and taupes. The area rug is traditional in style with an open design of all the colors in our pallet. The cocktail table is made of reclaimed wood with an arabesque design and the end tables are nickel metal and marble. I chose to use a mix of finishes on the tables to add character to the room. We placed a console in the room that can be used with a television, in case the client changes her mind in the future, and gives the client more storage space for her family photos. We mounted a beautiful piece of artwork, with trees that remind the client of Washington, where the television would usually mount. All the artwork and accessories are simple yet elegant. This client’s living room is a relaxing, beautiful place to read a book or hang out with friends and family.


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June 26, 2019