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I Was Featured On Redfin’s Interior Design Blog re:

Top Interior Designers Reveal The Best Interior Design Trends To Try In 2021

I was featured on Redfin’s Blog! Wait until you see what Interior Designers Revealed! 

2020 changed life as we know it in so many ways. Our changes in operating a Best Dallas Interior Design Firm changed too.

It especially affected the collective relationship we all have with our homes. As a result, we saw a renewed focus on functionality, flexibility, and comforting aesthetics within our home interiors. What will 2021 bring, you ask? Along with other top interior designers, I shared what we anticipate will be the biggest home trends of 2021 on the Redfin blog. Check out the article to see what we had to say.

Top Interior Designers Reveal the Best Trends to Try in 2021

Below you’ll find the post with my comments on each designer’s take.

Top Interior Designers Reveal the Best Trends to Try in 2021

2020 changed life as we know it in so many ways. It especially affected the collective relationship we all have with our homes. As a result, we saw a renewed focus on functionality, flexibility, and comforting aesthetics within our interiors. What will 2021 bring, you ask? We checked in with some of the top interior designers to see what they anticipate will be the biggest home trends of 2021. Read on to see what they had to say.

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Bolder designs and color choices

In 2021 there will be a big push towards mixing patterns, materials, textures, and colors to create a more layered artistic look than a clean, monochromatic scene that we saw a lot in 2020. Farewell white and gray with a splash of navy and hello mustard and forest green with a dusty pink splash. Wallpaper is in its prime, and we’ll be seeing people pay more attention to the 5th wall (the ceiling). – Crystal Blackshaw

We agree with Crystal! Monochromatic Wallpaper was a big hit in 2020! Houzz featured us on their blog for monochromatic wallcoverings.  Here are the other Wallpaper Trends 2020

Bringing the outdoors in

With everything that the world endured last year, it is of no surprise that we will see more trends that truly mimic nature’s serenity. After all, nature has been known to be restorative. From warm, moody, natural elements and tones to furniture that is as raw and curved as mother nature could devise, 2021 trends will look to bring the outdoors in. – For Love and Design

Yes! As a garden lover, I love bringing the outdoors in. My favorite was in this recent home remodel, including a master bathroom remodel and a master suite remodel. Be sure to check out our master suite remodels.

A cleaner version of traditional and timeless interiors 

People are in their homes more than ever before, and we find they want to feel comforted and surrounded by color, texture, and more cozy elements. Contemporary interiors will always be current, but I see color palettes, textiles, etc., move back to a more traditional aesthetic. – Paxton Place Design

Yes! Lori, Dani, and I agree with Paxton Place interior designers! Is here our complete Traditional interior design trends 2020? Here are more timeless interior design trends.

One of the favorite patterns & textures of 2020 was 2020 Different Types of Zig Zag Patterns In Home Decor, Tile, Furniture, & Architecture.

And Celebrity & Interior Designers 26 Amazing Neutral Home Offices With Super Colorful Accents

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Hidden workspaces within the home

As we work and study from home, we all need space to focus, Zoom and remain productive. Once an outdated piece of furniture, a secretary is a piece chock full of drawers with a top that folds down only to allow a person to have an individual space to work and then folds up, hiding chaos from the decor. It can be a beautiful antique for a more traditional home or more contemporary, blending into our transitional and modern homes. – Carolyn Thayer Interiors

We agree, Carolyn! I feel like we have done more posts on home offices than one could imagine. If you’d ask me if Home Offices Design Ideas would be top of mind for us in 2020, I wouldn’t have guessed it! Here are our Top 2020 Home Office Interior Design Blogs. 

A divided floor plan for privacy 

With everyone spending so much time at home – people are looking for more privacy. They want a more divided floor plan, but also a large kitchen and family room. While people want to see others in the house, they need soundproofing elements, so perhaps a casement window wall that divides a kitchen and breakfast area will be a trend going forward. – Susie Novak Interiors

You’ve got it, Susie! Open floor plans have been challenging for a lot of families. We have a few interior design home renovations going on now where we have presented constructing new walls. 

Spaces that promote health and wellness 

Last year, we discovered how important it is to have spaces that serve our daily needs. 2021 design will build on that discovery. I predict we will see clients wanting spaces that promote health and wellness (less stress, more calm) at home. We will see it in products like touch-free faucets, programmed lighting, and smart toilets that warm and wash. We will also see more focus on livability.

Of course, we want our furnishings to be beautiful. But they also have to be super comfortable and made with easy to clean and lasting fabrics. Think pragmatic beauty. This is part of the calming factor – we don’t want to fuss with our stuff. – Jenni Lease Design

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Embracing Grandmillennial styling  

“Grandmillennial” design pays homage to classic traditional style by mixing colors and patterns, wallpapers and trims, old and new. Grandmillennial or “Granny Chic” is a youthful interpretation of classic home decor – think the Home Alone house. Mass-produced furniture in monochromatic colors we have seen in the past is not part of this trend. – Olive Juice

Olive, we agree! Mixing classic home furnishings and antiques with more contemporary art and design to create chic modern interiors is something we love doing too!

Sustainability and natural organic elements

By bringing in live plants, and choosing sustainable natural materials, while also reducing the use of materials in our spaces that emit VOC and other chemicals, we can improve our indoor air quality while also reducing our impact on the environment. The use of natural and sustainable materials such as wood, wicker, hemp, acacia, rattan, cotton, and live greenery will dominate the 2021 design trend to help create an organic and relaxed feeling in our homes. – Om In The Home

We agree with Om In The Home, and sustainability is key! Beautiful gardens brought indoors, live greenery walls in homes or commercial interior design are some of our favorite elements. 

Statement fireplaces 

Along with two-tone kitchen cabinets and ditching the garden tub in the master bath, updating old brick fireplaces is the way to go. Painting brick can go a long way, but a stone veneer over the brick or any dated facade would allow you to hide cords and cable if you’d like to hang your TV now. Add a new mantle, and your tired old fireplace will be the star of your room. – Your Home by Wendy

One of our favorite kitchens of the year was this kitchen with two-tone kitchen cabinets and these new modern fireplace designs, and this new modern stone fireplace design. Navy blue cabinets were also a big hit in 2020.

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Being thoughtful about your possessions   

If it doesn’t spark a memory, give inspiration, or have a purpose, you probably don’t need it.  Make room for positive possession. – Simple JOY Designs

Helping Dell Web interior design clients pairing down or downsizing is a critical step for achieving a relaxing home. Here’s an article we wrote to help you understand what it really takes to downsize and be more thoughtful about your possessions. 

Traditional, single-use areas becoming new, multi-use spaces

Formal dining rooms and guest rooms are a thing of the past! Think meditation and yoga spaces, homework stations for multiple kids, inside playgrounds, hobby rooms, or home theaters. – Personal Space

In Texas, we are finding Formal Dining Rooms are more popular than ever! Same for Guest Suites. Our interior decorators incorporate office spaces into guest bedrooms, but guests are now staying with our clients vs. hotels. 

Warmer, brighter, and cozy spaces

Wood floors are getting lighter, while wall and cabinet colors of creams, soft blues, and pale green tones are becoming more prevalent. Other favorites include boucle fabrics, knurled textures, and luxe gold finishes. – Evalia Design

Yes, our interior design clients are loving lighter-toned interiors. Dark, drab interiors are a thing of the past. Floor to ceiling windows and more natural light is also requested as we plan Dallas home remodeling projects.

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Blending indoor and outdoor living

Flexibility is everything; it’s wonderful to have a room that can be fully opened when the weather is great and closed when less than ideal. Planning is crucial. It’s important to think about these things before beginning a project. Speaking of the outdoors, this is a great time to plan an outdoor kitchen, fireplace, or enhance the outside for entertaining once the weather changes. – Gray | Walter

Warmer colors to create a sanctuary 

Since “stay at home” has become the slogan for the past year, I think families embrace warmer colors to create their sanctuary. Darker colors for accent walls or a dramatic bedroom are becoming the trend. We are getting away from whites and cool grays. – Home Decor by Donna

We agree with Donna! While we still have many requests for grays and whites in the Dallas designers market, we incorporate colorful interiors

Bringing the vacation vibe into your home

People are looking for a sanctuary at home with warm tones, calm color palettes, and natural blonde woods. However, we see saturated colors and funky wall treatments with accent scenes of palm leaves, florals, and tropical accents; lots of greens and salmon pink. It seems that people are perhaps interested in bringing the vacation to their home until we can return to normal travel. – Miarao Design

We love the salmon pink tones in this playroom design. I also love the salmon painted cabinets in this Palm Beach Kips Bay Decorator Showhouse

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Accessory dwelling units

The last number of homes I’ve photographed all have newly-finished ADUs – and I expect to see more in the coming year. ADUs afford a lot of flexibility in working from home, multi-generational living, workout spaces, and more. – STRUKTR Studios

We have several Dallas clients converting pool houses to living quarters for family members. I would say I need a She-Shed, but unfortunately, my hubby has moved to Austin for work, so I’m now taking interior design appointments in Austin, TX. I do not need a She-Shed yet, but I agree with the ADU concept. Mine and Bob’s parents passed away, so the ADU concept would have been great. Click here if you need to book an appointment with me as your Austin Interior Designer or Austin Decorator.

Using plants as wall 

Using live plants or botanically correct aka faux plants as wall art will make a big 2021 debut. Both indoors and out, in luxury estates and condominiums, our Dallas interior design clients spend more time in their Dallas homes and gravitating toward nature. The vertical garden walls concept is timeless and provides texture and a visual statement when collectively combined in patterns using nature’s varied colors and green shades.  Dee Frazier of D’KOR HOME by Dee Frazier Interiors

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Bold black and white patterned furniture

Think bold black and white stripes on a plush fabric, modern sofa. Or a black velvet sofa with black and white striped pillows and a bold red floral pillow for a pop of color. – Rumble Interiors

We couldn’t agree more Rumble interiors! Look out for Lori and mine’s latest photo on Facebook.

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Redfin originally published this postI appreciate the opportunity to be included in your Home Trends 2020 design blogs Redfin.